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My Fall Staple

Hey it’s Alexis, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. Fashion has still been on my mind. One thing in particular is my favorite go-to item for the Fall: black leather leggings. This item is my SAVIOR, if I want something comfortable but trendy I grab my BCBG Max Azria leather leggings and keep it moving. 

What is your go to clothing item for the fall?

Chanel SS14

Can we please just talk about Chanel for a hot second. It’s been a couple of days, and sadly, fashion week (aka fashion month) is finally coming to a close — unless you count Brazil — and as cliché as it is for a true fashionista like myself to be obsessing over Chanel, I totally am. I mean, Lagerfeld. Peter Philips makeup. I mean…Lagerfeld! These “sentences” are deserving of grammatical errors because there’s just no other words.

The more in tuned I get to be with fashion week and fashion in general, the more I realize that they really do save the best for last. Lagerfeld’s collection was flawless, as always, catering to the classic Coco twill suits in beautifully vibrant pastel colors or the just as timeless, classic black and white. I can’t get enough. I will wait all month for Lagerfeld’s designs. A true show stopper as they say — and speaking of show stoppers can we note my girl Cara Delevingne taking the first walk on the runway. On a total side note, I might be hated to be the first to admit I’m slightly upset she hasn’t been on basically every runway this season. I hope she’s not selling out to get that doe, though.

I digress, let’s discuss Peter Philips. Since I’m all things beauty all the time, the first thing I’m trained to notice on the runway is the makeup and I. Am. Dying. This is everything a girl obsessed with the industry could ever ask for. The stunning eyes featured black flashes of lightening surrounding by an array of basically every color on the neon, pastel, and obviously bold color wheel. Just kill me now and send me to cosmetic heaven. Peter Philips, you steal my soul. 

Oh, and don’t blink because I’m pretty sure that was Miranda Kerr. I would not be upset if Orlando Bloom hopped up on the catwalk and just ripped her black quilted cutout dress right off and started handling that situation right then and there. Okay, well maybe it would be destroying Lagerfeld’s, yet again, impeccable craftmanship, but all’s fair in lust and fashion. 

Later babiez - M

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